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On-line Nursery Articles

Pest Management Web Resources

Foliage plant entomology
including an online version of North Carolina State University's Insect and RElated Pests of Flowers and Foliage Plants
NC State's Ornamentals and Turf Insect Pest Management page
NCSU Ornamentals and Turf Department of Entomology Insect Note
NCSU Photo Gallery of Insects and Mites on Ornamental Plants
North Carolina Agricultural Chemical manual
Paul Ecke Ranch Disease Control Chart
Paul Ecke Ranch Insect and Mite Control Chart
Rutgers University Northeast Greenhouse IPM Notes
is a newsletter providing timely insect pest and disease information.
Texas A&M University Plant Disease Handbook
is an extension publication for several crops including ornamentals.
University of Florida Pest Alert
University of Florida, Featured Creatures
to search for arthropod pest biology, identification and management database
University of Idaho
Plant Viruses Online provides descriptions and lists from the VIDE Database as well as other links.
University of Maryland Home and Garden Information Center's Plant Diagnostic Web Site
offers photographic keys to help diagnose and solve plant problems using Integrated Pest Management principles.
USDA Whitefly Knowledge-base
for insects and mites of nursery crops

Disease Information Sites

American Phytopathological Society
Search for diseases on particular host plants at the APS site, and click Online Resources.
Oregon State University
An Online guide to Plant Disease Control is an online version of the Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook together with portions of the OSU Extension Plant Pathology slide collection.
Penn State University Plant Disease Facts
provides plant disease fact sheets.

Diagnostic Sites

Cornell University Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
Purdue University The Virtual Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory
provides rapid and accurate identification of pests and problems associated with plants, as well as other types of vertebrate and invertebrate pests.
University of Minnesota Plant Disease Diagnostics
is a Web page designed to help individuals from the sate of Minnesota diagnose plant disease problems in their yard and garden. Diagnoses are base on visual observations of symptoms expressed by the infected plant.

Commercial, Government Sites

C&P Press' Greenbook
is similar to CDMS and offered as a by-subscription service.
Cornell University Pesticide Management Education Program
serves as a pesticide information center for college and field extension staff, as well as growers, commercial applicators, pesticide formulators/distributors, environmental and conservation groups, and private citizens. It includes regulations, fact sheets, application information and other useful subject matter.
Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS)
is a clearinghouse for product labels and MSDS. Chemical and Parmaceutical Press C&P Press' Greenbook, www.greenbook.net, is similar to CDMS and offered as a by-subscription service.
U.S. EPA Pesticides Topic Pages
provides pesticide information and fact sheets.

Biological Controls

is an IPM textbook with chapters contributed by experts from all over the world.
CPL Scientific Publishing Services Ltd. - Agrobiologicals
helps identify alternatives to conventional agrochemicals.
University of California UC IPM Online
the university's Satewide IPM Project. UC Pest Management Guidelines includes Pest of Floriculture and Ornamental Nurseries, www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/selectnewpest.floriculture.html.
University of Maryland Integrated Pest Management/Total Pest Management
offers information for greenhouse and nursery crops including Fact sheets, Green Industry and Nursery News, Cut Flower Information and Nutrient Management Information.
University of Wisconsin Biological Control News
formerly Midwest Biological Control News, is a newsletter dedicated to providing information on the use of beneficial organisms for controlling insect and mite pests of the farm, garden and home.
USDA National IPM Network
offers a solutions section and useful contacts.
Virginia Tech University Publications for Commercial Growers
including Using Plant Growth Regulators on Containerized Herbaceous Perennials and Selecting and Using PGRs on Floriculture Crops.

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