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Ball Red Book 16th edition, 1998
Ball, Vic
Ball Publishing

Botanical Latin, Fourth Edition 1995
Stern, William
Timber Press

Energy Conservation for Commercial Greenhouses, 2001
Bartok, John Jr.
NE Regional Agricultural Engineering Service

Field Grown Cut Flowers
Hurd, John and Stevens, Alan
Avatars World

Floriculture: Principles and Species, 1999
Dole, John and Wilkins, Harlod
Prentice Hall

Gardener's Latin, 1992
Neal, Bill
Algonquin Books

Herbaceous Perennials Production: A Guide from Propagation to Marketing, 1998
Perry, Leonard
NE Regional Agricultural Engineering Service

How to Make Money Growing Plants, Trees, and Flowers, 2000
Jozwik, Francis
Andmar Press

Integrated Pest Management for Floriculture and Nurseries, 2001
Dreistadt, Steve
University of California at Davis

Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, Fifth Edition, 1998
Dirr, Michael
Stipes Press

Nursery Management, 1994
Mason, John
Kangaroo Press (Australia)

Nursery Management: Administration and Culture (4th Edition), 1999
Davidson, Harold, etal
Prentice Hall

Nuts and Bolts of the Nursery Industry, 2001
Bilderback, Ted
NC Association of Nurserymen

Pests and Diseases of Herbaceous Perennials, The Biological Approach, 1999
Gill, S., Clement D., Dutkey, E.
Ball Publishing

Plants for Profit, 2000
Jozwik, Francis
Andmar Press

The Ball Perennial Manual--Propagation and Production
Nau, Jim
Ball Publishing

The Greenhouse and Nursery Handbook, 2000
Jozwik, Francis
Andmar Press

The International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants 1995 (ICNCP)
Trehane, etal.

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